Laboratory Responsible
ALICE ALICE laboratory P. La Rocca
AFM Lab Atomic Force Microscopy laboratory F. Ruffino
Auger Auger laboratory R. Caruso
Chimera Charged Heavy Ion Mass and Energy Resolving Array G. Politi - A. Pagano
CMS Compact Muon Solenoid laboratory S. Costa
EEE Extreme Energy Events laboratory P. La Rocca
EEPP Experimental Methods of Particle Physics laboratory S. Albergo
FND Lab Fluorescence Nanoscopy and Dynamics (FND) laboratory L. Lanzanò
Ion Implanter Ion implanter for ion beam modification of materials M.G. Grimaldi
LASER Nd:YAG pulsed laser for ablation/irradiation experiment F. Ruffino
LSO Optical Spectroscopy Laboratory R. Reitano
Ultra-weak luminescence Ultra-weak luminescence laboratory A. Scordino
MBE Molecular Beam Epitaxy laboratory A. Terrasi
MEV Muography of Etna Volcano laboratory D. Lo Presti
Nano2D2 Nanomaterials, two-dimensional materials and devices F. Torrisi - S. Mirabella
NanoSPES NanoSemiconductor PhotoElectrochemical Spectroscopy S. Mirabella
PH3DRA-MP Medical Physics laboratory A.M. Gueli - G. Politi - G. Stella
PH3DRA-CH Applied Physics for Cultural Heritage laboratory A.M. Gueli - G. Politi - R. Reitano
ReD Recoil Directionality - DarkSide S. Albergo
Singletron Accelerator for low energy (up to 3.5 MeV)/light ion (H+, He+) beams S. Mirabella
TCM Transparent Conductive Materials A. Terrasi