ALICE ALICE laboratory Resp.: Prof.ssa P. La Rocca
AFM Lab Atomic Force Microscopy laboratory Resp.: Prof. F. Ruffino
Auger Auger laboratory Resp.: Prof.ssa R. Caruso
CHIMERA Charged Heavy Ion Mass and Energy Resolving Array Resp.: Prof. G. Politi - Prof. A. Pagano
CMS Compact Muon Solenoid laboratory Resp.: Prof. S. Costa
EEE Extreme Energy Events laboratory Resp.: Prof.ssa P. La Rocca
EEPP Experimental Methods of Particle Physics laboratory Resp.: Prof. S. Albergo
FND Lab Fluorescence Nanoscopy and Dynamics (FND) laboratory Resp.: Prof. L. Lanzanò
Ion Implanter Ion implanter for ion beam modification of materials Resp.: Prof.ssa M.G. Grimaldi
LASER  Nd:YAG pulsed laser for ablation/irradiation experiment Resp.: Prof. F. Ruffino
LSO Optical Spectroscopy Laboratory Resp.: Prof. R. Reitano 
Ultra-weak luminescence Ultra-weak luminescence laboratory Resp.: Prof.ssa A. Scordino
MBE Molecular Beam Epitaxy laboratory Resp.: Prof. A. Terrasi
MEV Muography of Etna Volcano laboratory Resp.: Prof. D. Lo Presti
Nano2D2 Nanomaterials, two-dimensional materials and devices Resp.: Prof. F. Torrisi - Prof. S. Mirabella
NanoSPES NanoSemiconductor PhotoElectrochemical Spectroscopy Resp.: Prof. S. Mirabella
PH3DRA-MP Medical Physics laboratory Resp.: Prof.ssa A.M. Gueli - Prof. G. Politi - Prof. G. Stella
PH3DRA-CH Applied Physics for Cultural Heritage laboratory Resp.: Prof.ssa A.M. Gueli - Prof. G. Politi - Prof. R. Reitano 
ReD Recoil Directionality - DarkSide Resp.: Prof. S. Albergo
Singletron Accelerator for low energy (up to 3.5 MeV)/light ion (H+, He+) beams Resp.: Prof. S. Mirabella
TCM Transparent Conductive Materials Resp.: Prof. A. Terrasi