Quality Assurance Committee

The Department Quality Assurance Committee (CQD) [previously called Department Quality Assurance Panel (PQD)] of DFA includes the following members:

Prof. Paola La Rocca is the Responsible Person for the Department Quality Assurance (RQD) - a role delegated by the Department Director.

The CQD acts as a link body between the University Quality Assurance Panel (PQA) and peripheral bodies (Department, CdS, CPDS) and collaborates with the Quality Assurance Management Groups (GGAQ) of the Bacherlor Degree Course in Fisica (L-30) and of the Master Degree Course in Physics (LM-17).

Comments and suggestions may be submitted to the CQD by sending an e-mail message to commissione.qualita@dfa.unict.it.

The action strategies of CQD, which comply with the framework set by the "Sistema per l' Assicurazione della Qualità dell' Ateneo di Catania", were presented by the CQD President to the Department and discussed in a meeting held on 4 June 2019. The presentation PowerPoint file [in Italian only], can be downloaded by clicking the button below: