Quality Assurance Committee Tasks

Roles, tasks and responsibilities of the Department Quality Assurance Committee (CQD) are defined in the "Quality Assurance System of University of Catania" document, approved by the University Senate on 27 November 2018 e by the University Management Board on 30 November 2018:

1.     Primary Responsibilities

1.1.   Insuring completeness of the information published on the Department web site, in collaboration with CdS'es

1.2.   Maintening the documentation concerning resource allocation within the Department

1.3.   Producing and keeping up-to-date Department AQ-related documents

2.     Information & Education

2.1.   Insuring communication between PQA and University sub-structures (Department, CdS, CPDS).

2.2.   Providing support and counseling about QA in the Teaching, Research and Outreach areas

2.3.    Informing and educating the Department personnel and the studend's delegates in QA-related matters

3.     Advice about production of QA-related documents

3.1.   Collaborating with the Quality Assurance Management Groups (GGAQ) of the Department CdS'es (to produce SUA-CdS, SMA, RRC, RAAQ-CdS)

3.2.   Providing support and counseling to the Department in filling-out the SUA-RD

3.3.   Providing support and counseling to the CPDS in producing its yearly report

4.     Monitoring

4.1.   Monitoring application within the Department of general guidelines and policies in matters of Quality as established by the University governance

4.2.   Monitoring the correct execution of activities planned in the Department three-year plans and in its ex-post evaluations about Research and Outreach

4.3.   Monitoring that CdS'es take corrective actions to respond to remarks by CPDS

4.4.   Monitoring orientation activities of CdS'es, namely orientation upon enrollment, tutoring and actions aimed to solve issues put forward by the students

4.5.   Monitoring correct and exhaustive filling-out of the course's Syllabus

4.6.   Monitoring regular updating of teacher's CVs published on the offical website

4.7.   Monitoring functionality and efficiency of equipment and infrastructure used for the teaching activities