Study with us

The Department hosts the BSc Programme in Fisica (Physics) (3 years; teaching mainly in Italian) and the MSc Programme in Physics (2 years; teaching entirely in English). In particular, the MSc Programme in Physics includes the international curriculum in Nuclear Phenomena and their Applications. This is a joint curriculum, in partnership with several European universities and research institutions, within the Erasmus+/Erasmus Mundus Project. The Department also hosts three PhD Programmes, namely: the PhD Programme in Physics, the PhD Programme in Materials Science and Nanotechnology (in partnership with the Department of Chemistry), and the PhD Programme in Complex systems for Physical, Socio-economic and Life Sciences (in partnership with several other Departments). The Department also hosts the Graduate School in Medical Physics.

Why Physics in Catania

Physics is passion. Scientific research is fun. A very stimulating environment here. Students and professors at DFA explain why studying physics in Catania, in the following video by Zammù TV.

[See the complete interviews on Zammù TV's website (in Italian)]