Estimate of risks for unemployed staff at DFA

Unemployed staff working at DFA (graduate students, phd students, post-doc position) must communicate to UNICT its activity in order to perform the risk assessment.

This communication, mandatory to acces to the DFA, must be done by filling the form "modulo di comunicazione attività" with all the attachments, relative to different risks. All these forms, available in the sidebar of the present web page, must be sent once filled to SPPR ( and in copy to DFA (; the form "questionario anamnestico" must be sent directly to occupational doctor (

Further informations can be found at the web page Procedure e Modulistica del SPPR di UNICT.


Link to Piano di Gestione delle Emergenze dell'edificio 6 del DFA

Link to General rules for accessing the Department (anti-covid prevention).

Link to the webpage concerning Safety in students laboratories.

The present webpage is updated care of Professor Giuseppe Politi [Director's Delegate for Safety and Security]