Applied Physics

Applied Physics aims at the study and technological development of physical methods that can be applied to cultural heritage, environment, biology and medicine. Research in Applied Physics is highly interdisciplinary and is often conducted in collaboration with research institutions, other university departments, universities and foreign research institutions, health companies, public and private bodies. The following research areas in Applied Physics are currently active at the DFA:
- Physics applied to Cultural Heritage
- Biophysics
- Medical Physics


Physics applied to Cultural Heritage

FacultyAnna Maria GueliGiuseppe PolitiGiuseppe Stella
Physics allows to solve problems concerning the origin, provenance, characterization and dating of artworks of archaeological and historical-artistic interest. It is also possible to contribute to the realization of conservation plans and restoration projects. The following research lines are in progress at DFA:
CLEAR – CoLor rEndering Accuracy in cultuRal heritage
LED - Limits Extension in luminescence Dating
Smart DRILL – Development of innovative procedures for authenticity testing



Faculty: Luca Lanzano’, Agata Scordino
Biophysics applies the theories and methods of physics to understand how biological systems work. Modern biophysical methods include microscopy & imaging, single molecule techniques, spectroscopy, electrophysiology, modeling & simulations. The following lines of research in Biophysics are active at the DFA:
- Optical Microscopy and Nanoscopy
- Fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy
- Molecular mechanisms of cancer
- Luminescence


Medical Physics

Faculty: Anna Maria Gueli; Giuseppe Stella
Physics concepts and methodologies are applied in the medical field for diagnostic systems, radiotherapy, and radiation protection from ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. The following research lines are in progress at DFA:
- Dosimetry in diagnostics and radiotherapy
- Development of predictive models in clinical and dosimetric procedures for external beam radiotherapy treatments
- Evaluation of radiotherapy-induced cancer risk for external beam radiotherapy treatments