Quality assurance group (LM-17)

Quality Assurance Management Group - GGAQ

The Quality Assurance Management Group (GGAQ) for the Master's Degree in Physics (LM-17) of the DFA collaborates with the Quality Assurance Committee of the Department.

It replaces the Review Group (previously established), and is composed as follows (cf. resolution of the CdS LM-17 of 20/10/2020):

Annual Report of Quality Assurance of the Course of Study (RAAQ-CdS)

The Annual Quality Assurance Report of the CdS (RAAQ-CdS) was introduced in the Quality Assurance System of the University of Catania, approved by the BoD on November 30, 2018 and is indicated among the documents that the Courses of Study are required to prepare for the monitoring of their Quality Assurance activities.

The document consists of the following three sections:

  •     Analysis of the outcomes of the survey of student opinions (OPIS), the observations of the Evaluation Board and the Joint Teachers-Students Committee of reference
  •     Monitoring of the corrective actions foreseen in the Cyclical Review Report (RRC)
  •     Indication of any improvement/correction actions to be taken.

The following are the RAAQs for the Master of Science in Physics program:

Annual Monitoring Form (SMA)

The Annual Monitoring Form (SMA) of the Course of Studies (CdS) replaces, since 2017, the previous Annual Review Report. The SMA aims to facilitate, within the QA system of the CdS, the annual, critical and synthetic commentary to a set of quantitative indicators provided by ANVUR (pursuant to DM 987/2016, Annex E and ss.mm.ii.).

In the following, the SMAs of the Master's Degree Course in Physics are reported: