OPIS Forms

The University of Catania has been carrying out for many years the survey of the opinions of students and undergraduates, with the aim of obtaining a picture of their perception of the quality, in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, of the teaching provided and of the services provided by the University, in order to identify possible areas of improvement. In order to achieve this objective, the University administers annual questionnaires (OPIS forms) provided by the procedures indicated by ANVUR, addressed to attending and non-attending students.

AlmaLaurea Survey

The survey of the opinions of undergraduates, carried out by the AlmaLaurea Consortium, has the further specific objective of improving the connection between the academic world and the labor market, as an essential tool to increase the employment opportunities of graduates through an educational offer more and more adherent to the needs of the territory.

Other Surveys

The Council of the MSc in Physics and the CPDS have administered over the years additional questionnaires to students and Alumni in order to investigate specific aspects related to the quality of the didactic training offered and to the entry into the job market of the MSc in Physics graduated.