Master's Degree Guidance Meetings

In agreement with the Head of the BSc programme in Physics, a presentation of the training course of the Master's degree is held in the second semester of every year, aimed at third-year students of the Bachelor's degree. The Coordinators of each curriculum of the Master's degree describe the contents of the various curricula according to the teaching calendar.

Guidance Meetings for Master's Degree Dissertations

During the second semester of the first year and separately for each Curriculum, cycles of guidance seminars are organized, carried out both by teachers of the CdS (Course of Studies) and by researchers of the institutions that collaborate with the DFA (Department of Physics and Astronomy), in order to illustrate possible dissertation topics. The aforementioned seminar cycles and the timing were discussed and decided on by the Board of the CdS (Course of Studies) in order to allow students to start forming an idea about the topic of their dissertation to choose. This is done at a stage when they have already acquired sufficient knowledge from the study of curricular subjects and when there is still time to appropriately choose the courses to be followed in the second year, in order to acquire the necessary skills to face the research work covered by the dissertation with the appropriate wealth of knowledge.


In January 2013, the Teaching Area together with the Guidance and Training Centre, with the collaboration of the Centre for Active and Participatory Integration of the University, in the context of institutional activities related to counselling and guidance in itinere, launched the project L'Università mi aiuta, aimed at achieving objectives related to the quality of the students' university life and academic success. This project requires each University Degree Program to indicate a person in charge of Counselling in order to coordinate activities.

The teacher appointed by the Master's degree course for counselling is Professor Anna Maria Gueli.

A Working Group (WG) was set up at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, made up of Professor Antonio Insolia, by the current Heads of the three-year degree course and of the master's degree course, the respective contacts for Counselling, Professor Alessandro Pluchino and Professor Anna Gueli and Professor Riccardo Reitano.

The WG decided to entrust Professor Pluchino with the undergraduates who have not passed all their exams within the prescribed time-limit (fuori corso-FC) and Professor Gueli with the post-graduate students who have not passed all their exams within the prescribed time-limit of the Master's, Specialist and Single-cycle Degrees of the Old Regulations (fuori corso-FC).

In the initial phase, the WG decided to give priority undergraduates who have not passed all their exams within the prescribed period of time from the old degree syllabus (fuori corso-FC). The students concerned were then contacted by e-mail and/or by telephone. In order to identify the status of their university studies and the problems encountered, each student was sent a questionnaire specifically designed to identify the initiatives to be undertaken in individual cases.

The WG has also identified, for each degree course, a tutor who has the task of indicating each student the correct path for completing their studies, contacting the colleagues in charge of the courses relating to the exams to be passed, making them participate in specific problems (supply of teaching material, sessions and dedicated programs, etc.) and be available to face any other difficulties highlighted by students.

The tutors identified by the WG of Counselling are: