MSc in Physics: which curriculum? (2021 edition)

On May 19, 21, and 28, 2021 (on each day from 15:00 to 17:00), the MSc programme in Physics will be presented to the students of the Corso di laurea [triennale] in Fisica.

Students of the MSc programme in Physics are also welcome, especially during the third meeting (May 28, 2021 h 17:00), where several distinguished guests will be invited from research institutions, start-ups and the industry, as well as teachers in secondary schools.

The curricula coordinators will deliver self-contained seminars introducing each of the available curricula:

In order to allow all interested students to attend the event, all classes of the 3rd year of the Corso di laurea [triennale] in Fisica are canceled during the seminars. Likewise, all classes of the MSc programme in Physics will also be canceled on May 28 (third meeting).

All seminars will take place as events on MsTeams, in the Aula Magna Virtuale (MsTeams code: oxhpuv3).

The event is promoted by the Department's Quality Assurance Committee (Commissione Qualità).

Mercoledì, 19 Maggio, 2021 to Domenica, 6 Giugno, 2021