Course Overview

The Master of Sciences in Physics, lasting two years, is divided into six curricula:

The Master of Sciences in Physics provides the student disciplinary insights that extend and reinforce the knowledge acquired during the Bachelor Course, in specific areas of physics, both basic and more specialized. Insights are also provided for similar activities such as mathematics and computing. In addition, in order to provide students with tools for a prompt insertion into the international context, if agreed with them and / or in the presence of foreign students attending under Erasmus or international framework agreements, the lectures will be delivered in English language.

The Course consists of lectures, tutorials and practical laboratory work. The preparation of the thesis is a fundamental moment of the Master of Science in Physics, in which the student, through the guidance of one or more teachers, deepens in an original manner a topic of particular interest and relevance to physics or its applications. The preparation of the thesis may include a period in enterprises or external companies, University's research groups and laboratories or research institutions, in Italy or abroad. For the crucial role played by thesis in the maturation of knowledge and skills training, a large number of credits is reserved (40 credits) at the final test.