Study plans

On registering, students must indicate their chosen curriculum and submit a study plan on the Students Portal, indicating the courses they have chosen from among the optional ones proposed in the curriculum.
N.B. Before submitting the study plan, students should refer to the Didactic Regulations for the year of registration.
The study plan must also indicate the elective courses, which can be chosen from among all the courses offered at the University of Catania, provided that they are in keeping with the student’s training plan and correctly motivated.
The replacement of one or more disciplines with respect to the teaching plan envisaged for the curriculum, respecting the constraints of the law, is considered as a proposal for a personalized study plan.
The request for a personalized study plan, together with the cultural motivations that inspire it, must be submitted to the examination of the Committee of the master's degree course in Physics for possible approval.
Students in conditional registration are invited to submit their study plan, previously agreed with the relevant Curriculum Coordinator, using the forms related to the various Curriculum (Astrophysics, Applied Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Theoretical Physics) and send a scan of the aforementioned forms completed and signed by e-mail by 22 October 2021. Upon completion of the Bachelor's degree, these students will be able to complete the plan of study online through the student portal.

Students from previous Academic Years, who are enrolling in their second year in the program or students enrolled since more than two years, may change their plan of study. They will need to complete the on-line study plan on the Students portal. If no form is submitted, the previously submitted study plan is confirmed.

Set of rules for completing the study plans, A.Y. 2021/2022

  Any study plan that meets the following requirements is automatically considered approved:

  • Include all compulsory courses (= “non-optional”) scheduled for the student's relevant registration year for the curriculum which they belong to
  • Include optional courses envisaged in the student's chosen curriculum.
  • Include the choice of "optional" courses from those still available in the curriculum.  

Study plans that do not meet these requirements and personalized study plans must be submitted, with a reasoned explanation, for approval by the Master’s Degree Course Committee.

N.B.: For organizational reasons and for the availability of lecture rooms, the avoidance of timetable clashes can only be guaranteed for the curricular courses and the optional courses suggested within each individual Curriculum.

Preparatory Courses: Astrophysics Laboratory I is a preparatory course for Astrophysics Laboratory II; Quantum Field Theory I is a preparatory course for Quantum Field Theory II

Period of presentation of the study plans, A.Y. 2021/2022

  • first year students: from 24 September to 22 October 2021, except for conditional registration
  • second year and those undergraduates who have not passed their exams within the prescribed deadline (FC- “fuori corso”): from 24 September to 15 October 2021.

For information or advice on how to structure their study plan, the students can contact the Curricula Coordinators.
For information on how to fill in the form, send an e-mail to the Secretary Office at the DFA "E. Majorana"