How to enroll

General rules

In order to be admitted to a MSc Programme, eligible candidates should hold a BSc degree (laurea triennale), or an equivalent degree, or a degree obtained abroad and declared equivalent by the Board of Professors. Moreover, the BSc degree must meet specific requirements, as appropriate to the MSc Programme under consideration.

For the MSc Programme in Physics LM-17 the maximum enrollment number is presently not restricted. However eligible candidates may have to pass an admission colloquium prior to enrollment. This aims at verifying their knowledge of institutional subjects in physics, their motivation in pursuing the study of physics at the MSc level, and their proficiency in English. Enrollment then takes place according to the admission list, up to the maximum enrollment number, where available. However, for MSc Programmes for which the maximum enrollment number is not restricted, candidates who possess specific requirements as specified in the application form are exempted with the admission exam, and waived with the corresponding participation fee.

Eligible candidates should preliminarly fill an application form online, and pay the corresponding subscription fee. However, candidates fulfilling the requirements specified in the call for applications will be exempted from the admission exam and will be waived with the corresponding fee.


  • Application and fee: from 24/07/2017 and not later than 13/09/2017
  • Enrollment (for students who have passed the admission exam): not later than 31/10/2017

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