Graduation exam


Eligible candidates for the final graduation exam are students who have completed their academic programme, and have successfully achieved all the CFUs within the MSc Programme in Physics (apart from the 40 CFU associated with the graduation exam itself). Eligible candidates should formally request to be admitted to the final exam.
Graduation exams, Academic Year 2015-16
  • First session
  • Second session
    • Pre-graduation exam: 19/07/2016
    • Graduation ceremony: 21/07/2016
  • Third session, first call
    • Pre-graduation exam: 25/10/2016
    • Graduation ceremony: 27/10/2016
  • Third session, second call
    • Pre-graduation exam: 22/11/2016
    • Graduation ceremony: 24/11/2016
At the end of the MSc Programme in Physics, students are required to prepare, in an original way, and defend a final project on a topic of current interest in Physics or its applications. One or more University professor(s) serve(s) as supervisor(s), and guide(s) the student in the preparation of the final project. Professors of other Universities, or researchers of other research institutions (in Italy or abroad), may optionally serve as co-supervisors. The preparation of the final project may also take place during visits to other Universities, research laboratories, or industries, both in Italy and abroad.

The final graduation exam consists in the defense of the final project against a committee of University professors.

The final project consists of a written report on an original development of a theoretical, experimental, or technological problem, with specific relevance for fundamental research or applications in Physics, or in an interdisciplinary field which makes use of typically physical methods.

Different Graduation Rules are available (in Italian only) for the various (current and expired) MSc Programmes in Physics:

Starting from July 2015, MSc candidates should summarize the main results of their final projects in a leaflet (see examples).

The final project should be written in Italian, but may be written in English, upon formal request by the candidate, to be directed to the Head of the MSc Programme.
The final project and its defense are worth 40 CFU. On behalf of the candidate, this implies an adequate commitment both towards the preliminary study and development of the project in an original way, and towards its presentation in written and oral form. The final assessment takes also into account the presentation of the project by the candidate, using techniques normally used e.g. during a scientific conference or seminar.

Deadlines for the online procedures:
For the candidate:

  • 2 months before the graduation exam: fill online graduation form (domanda di laurea);
  • 1 month before the graduation exam: fill online graduation form (foglio tesi);
  • 15 days before the graduation exam: have all exams successfully completed;
  • 15 days before the graduation exam: upload the final project (as a PDF/A file) through the Portale Studenti

Remind that, according to the Rules of the University Library, candidates must be clear of any loan issued by any University Library. The online system will prevent the final project upload otherwise.

For the supervisor:

  • 10 days before the graduation exam: last deadline for project and graduation form approval.