Internships and apprentiships

Internships and Training

For the curricula:


Support activities and internships are envisaged, for a total of 2 ECTS, generally aimed at preparing the final thesis (internship dissertation), but not necessarily for this purpose, at laboratories and research institutions, public bodies and industries, also in the framework of national and international agreements, intended as highly qualifying activities for the preparation of the Master's degree in Physics.

Alternatively, students can acquire the aforementioned 2 ECTSs with a computing /networking skills upgrading activity (E-infrastructures for Physics) or any seminars on the preparation of research projects (as indicated by the Advisory Board).

In the case of internship carried out abroad of the 2 credits acquired, this will be explicitly mentioned in the diploma supplement.

For the curriculum


activated as part of the ERASMUS program, 12 ECTS are attributed to the internship activities, in accordance with the Consortium Agreement.

Curricular internships

During their training, students could take advantage of additional opportunities under the "Curricular Internships". In this eventuality, it will be necessary to follow the following procedure:

  • Choose the institution / company in which to carry out the internship among those affiliated with the University. The complete list of affiliated institutions / companies is available on the website of the Centro Orientamento e Formazione (COF).
  • In the event that you wish to carry out the internship in an institution / company not yet affiliated, the institution / company can make an agreement following the procedure indicated on the COF website.
  • Once the company has been chosen, the student fills out the part of the training project form relating to their data, signs it and delivers it to the company tutor.
  • The company tutor will fill it in and, once the .pdf version has been created, will apply the electronic signature. In the event that the company tutor is not provided with one, he/she will put his/her signature at the bottom in pen. In both cases, the training project must be sent in .pdf to the didactic tutor who will affix his electronic signature.
  • The pdf thus completed by electronic signatures must be sent to the Internship Office, to the e-mail address The Internship Office will take care of completing the procedures and transmitting the file to the student. The internship start date must be calculated with a margin of at least 10 days from the date of sending the training project.
  • Fill in the internship diary. During the internship, the student is required to fill in the Internship Diary form.
  • At the end of the internship, the institution / company fills in the Certificate of Competence form.
  • Deliver the end-of-internship documentation. Once the activity is completed, the student submits to the Internship Office the Internship Diary and the Certificate of Skills, for the registration of the CFU required by his study plan.
  • Registration and compilation of the evaluation questionnaire. Once the activity has been completed, the student must place a reservation from the Student Portal in order to allow the registration of the Internship. Simultaneously with the delivery of the final documentation, the student will be required to fill in an evaluation questionnaire.

 For more information, please contact the Secretary's Office.