Dom 18 Giugno 2023

The School will be hosted by University of Calabria (Italy) June 18-22, 2023 at Corigliano-Rossano. The school is jointly organized by INFN, University of Calabria, University of Catania and University of Salerno and the Data Center ReCaS-Bari.  

Mer 07 Giugno 2023

To be announced

Mer 03 Maggio 2023

To be announced

Mar 04 Aprile 2023

Can time-translation invariance be spontaneously broken? (R. Fazio, ICTP, Trieste)

Mer 22 Marzo 2023

I Proff. A. Rapisarda e A. Pluchino raccontano il loro (secondo!) IgNobel Prize