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Giulia Maria Privitera

Dottorato in Fisica - 37° ciclo
Tutor: Stefano ROMANO


2020/21. Post-degree research fellowship at the XRAYLab of the Institute of Cultural Heritage Sciences CNR (Catania)
Research: Development of innovative X-ray spectroscopy methodologies (XRD imaging, µ-XRF and MA-XRF imaging, CXRF) based on the use of advanced portable instruments for the non-invasive characterization of artworks and ancient materials. My research activity is part of the development of MOLAB platform of E-RIHS.

2019/20. Research grant at the CSFNSM (Catania) for developing an innovative protocol of a standard-free quantitative analysis to be implemented for the 2D/3D XRF imaging techniques at the XRAYLab (ISPC-CNR).

2020. Applied Physics Master’s degree, 110/110 cum laude, University of Catania, XRAYLab (ISPC-CNR), LNS-INFN.
Thesis: “A mobile X-ray scanner for 2D and 3D imaging with high spatial resolution and chemical sensitivity for applications in the Cultural Heritage field”.

-XRD measurements at the Munch Museum in Oslo (NO), November 2021

-CXRF and XRD measurements at the Museo Nazionale dell’Umbria in Perugia, September 2021

-MA-XRF measurements at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, July 2021

-MA-XRF, XRD and XRF measurements at the Egyptian Museum in Turin, June 2021

-MA-XRF on historical portraits in collaboration with Hamilton Kerr Institute, Fitzwilliam
Museum, and University of Cambridge, July 2019

-MA-XRF measurements and multispectral imaging for authenticity studies of Hellenistic pottery, Archeological Museum, Catania, April 2019

-MA-XRF, XRD, XRF angular scanning and multispectral imaging on El Greco paintings, Ursino Museum, Catania, May 2019

-MA-XRF on medieval paintings during the CHNet training camp (, Siracuse, Sept 2016.

-Invited talk, A micro-XRF mobile scanner for 2D imaging on micrometric scale and the standard-free quantitative analysis of materials of interest in the Cultural Heritage field, 106° SIF Congress, 2020.

-Local organizing committee member, international conference “MA-XRF scanning in Conservation Art and Archeology”, Catania, 2019.

Sviluppo di uno scanner mobile per l’imaging non-invasivo MA-XRF e MA-XRD per applicazioni nel settore dei Beni Culturali - Development of a mobile MA-XRD/XRF scanning system for non-invasive X-ray imaging of artworks and ancient materials.