Curricula Coordinators and Tutors

The Council of the Master of Science in Physics has indicated, for each Curriculum, a Referent (or Coordinator), who will be available for guidance and advices to students during their academic career and while they are preparing their career planning :

Moreover, at the beginning of the first year of the Master Degree Course, each student can choose his/her own mentor who will follow him/her during his/her academic career; the mentor, in particular, will advise the students in the choice of courses to be included in the curriculum, according to their talents and abilities. The mentors will also take note of any issues that may arise from the meeting with the students, to start, in the appropriate forums, the necessary corrective actions .

Once the student has chosen the mentor, he/she should formalize this choice by sending an e-mail to Coordinator of the MSc.

List of Mentors A.Y. 2015-16: