Alessia Rita TRICOMI

Full Professor of Experimental physics [FIS/01]

Main roles:

  • Full professor of Experimental Physics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy "Ettore Majorana".
  • Rector's Delegate for the coordination of the Third Mission, Public Engagement and Città della Scienza
  • Director of the INFN Section of Catania
  • Director of the Sicilian Center for Nuclear Physics and Matter Structure (CSFNSM)


Main research lines:

  • Experimental physics of elementary particles:
    • CMS experiment (local coordinator 2017-2019) at LHC
    • LHCf experiment (local coordinator 2006-to date, national responsible 2013-2019) at LHC
  • Development of innovative detectors:
    • ELI-NP collaboration
    • Calocube collaboration
  • Direct search for Dark Matter
    • Darkside experiment at LNGS

Her overall scientific output consists of over 1000 peer-reviewed articles in international journal (ISI), including several Physics Reports, two of which see her, in particular, as one of the main authors, a Science, two Nature, Physics Letters B , Nuclear Instruments and Methods A, The European Physics Journal C, Physical Review Letters, Physical Review C and D. She has presented his work at over sixty international conferences and workshops, in particular, many times, as invited speaker. She also held several scientific seminars at Italian and foreign universities. She has received several awards and prizes for her scientific activity and there are numerous citations of the works of which she is co-author in prestigious international journals. She is also the author of many scientific dissemination articles.

The complete list of her publications can be found at the following link


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