Fluorescence Nanoscopy and Dynamics (FND) Lab

Responsabile scientifico: Prof. Luca Lanzanò
Luogo: C29 (piano -1)

Fluorescence microscopy is a valuable toolbox to study cellular structures and dynamics spanning scales from the single molecule to small organisms. The goal of the Fluorescence Nanoscopy and Dynamics (FND) lab is to develop advanced fluorescence methods and apply them to the investigation of biological structure and dynamics at high spatial and temporal resolution. Advanced fluorescence methods include time-resolved methods (FLIM, FCS), super-resolution microscopy, FRET. Representative applications are the investigation of chromatin organization and the study of DNA damage formation in cancer.


Cappa Biologica
Cappa Biologica di livello 2 Safefast Classic per manipolazione di colture cellulari
Incubatore Eppendorf Galaxy 48R per colture cellulari 
Eppendorf  5702 
Microscopio ottico 
Microscopio a contrasto di fase Optika IM-3 
Advanced Fluorescence imaging setup (under construction)
Sistema di imaging confocale e a super-risoluzione risolto in tempo (FLIM)
Autoclave per sterilizzazione