Our students at DFA have an international vocation: the logo of the DFA, alongside that of the University of Catania, can be spotted against the landmarks of several towns, universities, and research institutions across the world, as well as in Catania, on T-shirts by one of our international students, whether outgoing or incoming Erasmus, or non-EU students, or students enrolled in the inter-university curriculum on Nuclear phenomena and their applications (NucPhys) within the MSc programme in Physics, or foreign PhD students.

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a sky-watcher from India

Capture the moment ... it lives for ever

Never mind the hot summer in Catania ... I'm used to the equator!

Never stop exploring

A poor Sicilian guy freezing in Dresden

Proud latina learning physics from Europe

A lucky Vietnamese girl!

UCD, Dublin, IE, and EPFL, Lausanne, CH, is where I spent two Erasmus studentships

#theMaster of Dresden!

From Mt Olympus to Mt Etna