Gaetano Maria BELVEDERE

Professor of Astronomy and astrophysics [FIS/05]
N.B. This person no longer works for this Department


Assistant Professor of Astronomy 1971. Associate Professor of Experimental Physics since 1983. Full Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics since 2003. 

Member of the Board of the Italian Astronomical Society 1981-1985. Member of the Board of the Solar Physics Section of the European Physical Society 1993-1999. Director of the Institute of Astronomy of Catania University 1997-2000. Head of the Astrophysics Section of the Department of Physics and Astronomy of Catania University since 2000. 

Co-organizer of five European Physical Society Study Conferences in the field of solar and stellar physics, and of accretion discs.

Member of the SOC of several other international meetings.

Co-chairman of the SOC of the XLIX Meeting of the Italian Astronomical Society (2005).


a) SOLAR PHYSICS: Differential rotation, activity cycle.

b) STELLAR PHYSICS: Magnetohydrodynamics of rotating plasmas; convection and differential rotation; dynamo mechanism of stellar magnetic activity; X-ray emission from stellar coronae.

c) ACCRETION DISCS: analytical models of accretion discs in binary systems; role of the magnetic field and angular momentum; X-ray emission. Tri-dimensional simulations of accretion disc formation, structure and dynamics, quiescent and active phases of cataclysmic variables; shock waves.

Scientific production of essentially theoretical character. 200 publications among articles, invited reviews, contributions to meetings and edited books.