Theoretical Physics study plan

The Curriculum of Theoretical Physics offers students a  specialist in-depth study in  theoretical, methodological and computational theoretical physics of fundamental interactions, complex systems and nuclear and subnuclear physics. The training activities are designed to impart a thorough understanding of quantum field theory, the many-body systems, general relativity and the main results of statistical physics and physics of complex systems.

Understanding these issues it is guaranteed by a varied range of teachings of lectures and exercises, as well as numerous seminars and possible internships abroad under Erasmus agreements.

The test methods are based on individual oral and / or written exams and on their theses.

Students must demonstrate their ability to apply their knowledge and ability to understand the main results of theoretical physics, as well as to ensure a professional and high-level scientific approach to their work. In particular, students should be able to understand and develop advanced theoretical models for the description of complex physical phenomena with consequences often interdisciplinary, also through the use of computational and numerical approaches techniques.


Coordinators: Prof. Vincenzo Branchina, Prof. Andrea Rapisarda