Regina Maria Chiechio

Dottorando - 35° ciclo Dottorato in Scienza dei materiali e nanotecnologie - Tutor: Maria José LO FARO
Ufficio: DFA 256


Regina Maria Chiechio was born in 1993 in Catania, Italy. She obtained her Master Degree in Condensed Matter Physics and Nanomaterial, pathway Nanosciences, Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies with marks 110/110 cum laude from the University of Rennes 1, France, in June 2019. In November 2019 she started the Ph.D. course in Materials Science and Nanotechnology at the University of Catania in co-tutelage with the University of Rennes 1. She is currently working at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Catania, and at CNR-IMM.

Attività di ricerca

Regina Maria Chiechio's main scientific interests are focused on the synthesis, characterisation and application of fluorescent nanostructures for bioimaging and biosensing, in particular on the chemical synthesis of luminescent gold nanoclusters for biological applications.