Andrea Russo was born in 1991 in Catania, Italy. He obtained his Master Degree in Innovation Technology, with mark 110/110 cum laude from the University of Grenoble IAE, France, in September 2016. He also achieved a Bachelor Degree in Sociology at University Paul Valery III - Montpellier, France, France, in May 2014. Registered as of Innovation Managers at  MISE (Minister of the economic development). He collaborated with CNR Ibam, and also has worked purely on projects involving technology and society, with Confcommercio and as well as other companies in the R&D sector. In November 2019 he started a Ph.D. course in Complex systems at the University of Catania. He is currently working at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Catania.

Andrea Russo's main scientific interests are focused on the study and the development of AI that can provide high communication skills and the analysis of understanding sentiments in cyber world, in particular field like Politics - Economics - Business and Defense-Security sector applications.

Information balance between newspapers and social networks - F. Mazzeo Rinaldi,  A. Russo,  G. Giuffrida (2020)
CARMA 2020 - 3rd International Conference on Advanced Research Methods and Analytics
ISBN: 9788490488324
DOI: 10.4995/CARMA2020.2020.11635