Giuseppe Ferdinando D'Agata

Assegnista di ricerca dal 16/12/2021 al 15/12/2022 - Responsabile scientifico: Maria Letizia SERGI


Master degree at the University of Catania with a thesis entitled "Misura della sezione d'urto 19F(alpha,p)22Ne con il metodo del Cavallo di Troia nel contesto astrofisico" (2014)

Ph.D thesis entitled "The 19F(alpha,p)22Ne and 23Na(p,alpha)20Ne reactions in astrophysical environment with the Trojan Horse Method" (2017)

From 2018 to 2021 I carried out my research activity with a Postdoctoral fellowship as a member of Nuclear Reaction Department of the Nuclear Pjysics Institute of the Czech Academy of Science. I was also a member of the "Spiral-CZ" project.

My mean field of research is focused on the study of nuclear reactions at astrophysical energies with indirect methods (Trojan Horse and Asymptotic Normalization Coefficiens). I was also involved in the ACTAR project developed in GANIL (France) and in the New Jedi project. The latter has the main goal to shed new light on the X17 light boson seen for the first time by Attila Krasznahorkay et al. while studying the 7Li+p reaction.

Attività di ricerca

Misure di sezione d’urto per reazioni nucleari di interesse per la nucleosintesi degli elementi pesanti tramite tecniche indirette di ANC e THM


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