Antonio Alessio Leonardi

Assegnista di ricerca dal 01/12/2019 al 01/12/2021 - Responsabile scientifico: Salvatore MIRABELLA
Ufficio: DFA 257
Telefono: +39 095 378 5239


Antonio Alessio Leonardi was born in Bari (Italy) on October 4th 1992. He received his Bachelor Degree in Physics and his Master Degree (both cum laude) from the University of Catania in 2014 and 2016, respectively. During the Master degree thesis, he spent several months for a training and research period at the STmicroelectronics of Catania in the R&D group of S. Conoci. After obtaining the Master Degree, he attained the PhD in Physics cum laude in 2020 working in the F. Priolo and A. Irrera labs between the University of Catania, CNR-IMM of Catania, and the CNR-ICPF of Messina.  During his PhD he visited several labs such as prof. G Volpe lab at the UCL and the G. Cerullo Lab at the PoliMi. He spent 6 months at the prof. L. Dal Negro labs at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and at the Photonic Center of the Boston University (MA, USA). He was awarded in the 2018 with the Graduate Student Award of the European Material Research Society (EMRS) at the Strasbourg 2018 conference and in the 2019 with the P. Brovetto award of the Italian Physical Society (SIF). Participate at the 204° course on nanophotonics of the International School of Physics “E. Fermi” of SIF 2018 in Varenna and at the CHESS international school of 2019 in Florence. His research focuses on the realization and application of nanostructures such as luminescent silicon nanowires for photonics and sensing applications. His experimental skills range from the morphological and structural characterization (Bright Field, Dark Field, SEM, EDX, XRD, RBS…) to optical characterization (Photoluminescence, PL lifetime, Raman scattering, Fourier imaging…). In general, his working interest span in semiconductors, nanotechnology, sensors, fractals, and coherent light studies.

Attività di ricerca

Titolo della Ricerca: "Sintesi di nanostrutture a base di semiconduttori e/o metalli per integrazione in sensori miniaturizzati" - Progetto di ricerca: "Sviluppo di tecnologie e sistemi avanzati per la sicurezza dell'auto mediante piattaforme ADAS-ADAS+(ARSOl_00459)".


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Invited presentations

  • Silicon Nanowires Array: From Photonics to Sensing - E-MRS Spring Meeting 2018, Strasburg
  • Silicon Nanowires: The route from synthesis towards applications - SIF 106° congress 2020, Milan
  • More than 4 oral presentations and 6 posters at international conferences.


  • Graduate Student Award 2018 – E-MRS Spring Meeting, Strasburg
  • Brovetto Award 2019 Italian Physical Society (SIF), L’Aquila