VEDO NUDO: ovvero, del tentativo di ricostruire i condotti interni del vulcano usando i raggi cosmici

Prof. Carmelo Ferlito e Prof. Domenico Lo Presti (Università di Catania)
Mercoledì, 18 Marzo, 2020
Aula Magna

The field of physics has presented innumerable opportunities of growth for Natural Sciences. The study of cosmic rays presents an intriguing outcome that is the possibility to investigate the inner conduit of an active volcano such as Mount Etna. The feeding system of a volcano is controlled by the tectonics that is dynamically changing through time. In order to monitor such changes, we have built and installed a muographic telescope at the base of the North-East Crater (NEC) from August 2017 to October 2019. The preliminary results are extremely surprising and interesting and future perspectives are fascinating.

Professor Carmelo Ferlito is associate professor at the Department of Biology and Geology of the University of Catania. He is Volcanologist since 2004, and his main interest is the evolution of the Etnean volcano, which is a wonderfully active natural lab. In particular, he has been recently working on the magma rise dynamics and on the feeding system of the volcano. Professor Domenico Lo Presti is researcher at the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Catania. He has always been engaged in the study and application of the most modern technologies, cutting edge electronic instrumentation and light and particle detectors. He is the principal investigator of the MEV (Muography of Etna Volcano) project.