Researcher of Nuclear and subnuclear physics [FIS/04]
Office: DFA 343
Phone: 5303
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 to 13:00

Gigi Cappello was born in Ragusa (Sicily) in 1985. He got a Master degree cum laude in nuclear and subnuclear physics in 2009 and a Ph.D in Phisics in 2013 at the University of Catania, defending a thesis on data analysis for signals of Physics beyond the Standard Model. He was part of the CMS collaboration at CERN from 2008 to 2016, working on data analysis, simulations and algorithms for track reconstruction. He also worked, and continues to work, in the field of hadronic calorimetry and its developments for high energy physics as well as its future applications. Since 2020 he is a researcher at the Physics department of the University of Catania. He is also INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) associate.

General Info

  • (Since 2020) Researcher at Dept. of Physics “E. Majorana” - University of Catania
  • INFN (National Institute for Nuclear Physics) associate
  • Member fo the DarkSide Collaboration at LNGS 


  • 2013 Ph.D. in Physics, University of Catania. Thesis on: “Search for supersymmetry in opposite sign di- lepton events with CMS experiment”
  • 2009 Master’s Degree in Physics cum laude, University of Catania.
  • 2006 Bachelor's Degree in Physics cum laude, University of Catania
  • 2008 International School of Subnuclear physics, Ettore Majorana foundation - Erice.

Professional experience

  • 2019 1 year Postdoctoral fellow at Dept. of Physics “E. Majorana” - University of Catania. Development of leading-edge photosensors in UV range for future application in hadronic calorimetry. RD-FA project (Research and Development for Future Accelerators).
  • 2016 -2018 3 years Postdoctoral fellow at INFN. EuroGammaS consortium - ELI-NP (Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics) project. Design and resting of the ELI-NP gamma beam characterisation system, building of the resonant scattering system, development of the DAQ and analysis systems.
  • 2015 Collaboration with Dept. of Physics - University of Catania granted by PRIN STOA. Development of ITs for the optimisation of LHC data access using GRID and Cloud computing, to be transferred to different scientific domains.
  • 2013 - 2015 2 years Postdoctoral fellow at INFN within the AIDA (Advanced European Infrastructures for Detectors and Accelerators) project. Development of innovative tracking algorithms and softwares for next generation tracking detectors for high energy physics experiments.
  • 2009 PH-Department short-term staff member at CERN (European Center for Nuclear Researches). Analysis of Physics Beyond the Standard Model with the CMS experiment at Large Hadron Collider

Teaching experience

  • AA 2019-2020 - Fisica (M-Z) for the degree in Pharmacy, University of Catania
  • AA 2019-2020 - Experimental Methods of particle physics for the master degree in Physics, University of Catania
  • AA 2016-2017 - Fisica delle particelle elementari I for the master degree in Physics, University of Catania


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    Corso di laurea magistrale in Pharmacy - 1 Year
    FISICA M - Z

The current research activity of Dr. Cappello takes is mainly focused on two lines

  1. Direct dark matter research: he is currently a member of the DarkSide collaboration (LNGS) and its sub-project ReD (recoil directionality); 
  2. Photosensoristic study for hadron calorimetry applications: he is employed in the RD-FA project for which he carries on studies on Si and SiC photodetectors for dual readout calorimeters.

His research interests span several high energy physics problems, such as statistical data analysis, development of efficient algorithms for event reconstruction and data acquisition (DAQ), reconstruction and analysis software.

Passionate about science communication, he takes part, as a staff member, in numerous popularization events, such as Sharper Night and Pint of Science. He is an active member of CICAP (Italian committee for the control of claims on psudoscience) of which, until 2019, he held the position of local coordinator for Sicily.