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Requirements for admission


Although the number of enrollments to the MSc Programme in Physics has no prescribed maximum, all prospective students must pass an admission examination.

This is aimed to test their proficiency in the basic subjects required by the MSc Programme in Physics, and consists in an oral interview. Location, dates, and timing of the admission examination will be advertised on the University main website under Accesso ai corsi di studio. Admitted candidates will then be able to proceed to enrollment, according to the rules and procedures described in that same webpage.

Basic requirements for admission to the MSc Programme in Physics include

  • BSc degree (Laurea di primo livello), or equivalent degree, or a degree achieved abroad and officially recognized as equivalent to the Italian BSc degree. This should explicitly include
    • at least 27 CFU in the general area (ssd) of Mathematics
    • at least 75 CFU in the general area (ssd) of Physics
  • Good proficiency of the English language, both written and oral, including scientific usage.  

Eligible candidates should have obtained their BSc degree from no more than six years, and this should not be pending any educational debt (debito formativo). English proficiency is given as granted for candidates possessing a certificate of an English course of university or equivalent level. In that case, the candidate should not undergo the admission examination, and will be waived of the corresponding fee.

Candidates already enrolled to other MSc programmes of this or other Universities in the previous academic year should follow the appropriate regulations described in the Manifesto generale degli Studi and in the call for enrollments, as published in the University main website.