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Career opportunities

Functions in a  job environment

Graduates in Physics can find an employment in the following areas:

  • Promotion and development activities  of  scientific and technological innovation.
  • Management and design of technologies in areas related to physical disciplines, in industry, environment, health, cultural heritage and public administration.
  • Education, training and dissemination of scientific culture.

Skills associated with the functions

Graduates in Physics have  expertise associated with the following functions:

  • Fundamental and applied research activities.
  • Design of new technologies in the environmental area, cultural heritage, medicine, instrumentation for astrophysics, nanotechnology.
  • Education, training and dissemination of scientific culture

Career opportunities

Graduates in Physics can  be employed at management level, in fundamental and applied research, development and use of energy resources, other productive activities and public utilities, such as, for example, production and study of the properties of new materials, prevention and control of environmental risks, analysis in the field of cultural heritage, analysis of seismic risk, design of detectors and sensors systems, radiation protection of people  and the environment, control and detection of physical phenomena in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment, design of electronic devices and complex data acquisition and computational  systems.

Graduates can be employed also  in school teaching activities, after having passed the habilitation exams and the admission competitions regulated by the  Italian  law.