QCD-driven SuperNovae

Lunedì 22 gennaio 2024, con inizio alle ore 15:00, presso l'Aula M del DFA, il Dott. Claudio Lombardo terrà un seminario dal titolo QCD-driven SuperNovae: a new way to let very massive stars explode.

Il seminario appartiene al ciclo Young Physicists to Young Physicists (YP2), organizzato dai Rappresentanti del Dottorato in Fisica.

Tutte le persone interessate sono invitate a partecipare.

Abstract. Stars with more than 8 solar masses when end to burn Hydrogen start to burn heavier elements (i.e. Helium, Carbon and so on) till all the nuclear combustibles material end. At this point, the star starts to collapse and it goes into an explosion called SuperNova. The theoretical model adopted to study and simulate this explosion, called neutrino-driven, fails to let very massive stars explode and a new model was introduced. This model, called QCD-driven, introduces quantum chromodynamics effects during the final stages of the stellar life. In this seminar, after a briefly review of the neutrino-driven and QCD-driven models, the capability to detect this kind of SuperNovae with different neutrino detectors will be explored.

Lunedì, 22 Gennaio, 2024