The Multi-Aspect Young Oriented Advanced Neutrino Academy (MAYORANA) School&Workshop will be held in Modica (Italy) on July 4th – 14th, 2023. The School will take place from July 4th to 11th and the Workshop from July 12th to 14th.

The main objective of MAYORANA is to promote a collaborative framework of young and senior researchers in the fields of nuclear, particle and astroparticle neutrino physics to discuss theories and experiments in which interdisciplinary aspects are particularly relevant.

Local Organizing Committee

  • F. Cappuzzello (School chair) (DFA Catania Univ, INFN LNS),
  • R. Caruso (School chair) (DFA Catania Univ, INFN CT),
  • C. Agodi (Workshop chair) (INFN LNS),
  • M. Cavallaro (Workshop chair) (INFN LNS),
  • G. Andronico (INFN CT),
  • G. A. Brischetto (INFN LNS),
  • I. Ciraldo (INFN LNS),
  • S. Costa (DFA Catania Univ, INFN CT),
  • C. Lombardo (DFA Catania Univ, INFN CT),
  • C. Petta (DFA Catania Univ, INFN CT),
  • A. Spatafora (INFN LNS),
  • C. Tuvè (DFA Catania Univ, INFN CT),
  • G. Verde (INFN CT)
  • Fondazione Grimaldi (Modica)


Martedì, 4 Luglio, 2023 to Venerdì, 14 Luglio, 2023