Mon 15 April 2019

With over 2000 km2 of solar panels generating 300 GWp worldwide, photovoltaics is becoming an important source of energy for our society. The efficiency of solar energy conversion using single-junction semiconductor solar cells has now reached 27% for silicon and 29% for GaAs. However, so far no material has reached the Shockley-Queisser efficiency limit of 34%.

Mon 15 April 2019

Nanophotonics from Amsterdam and Catania to converge in a single spot!

Mon 08 April 2019

The first Graduation Day at #DFA

Fri 05 April 2019

The 90th birthday of Professor Agodi will be an opportunity to celebrate Physics in Catania over the last decades

Thu 04 April 2019

Counseling workshop for young researchers on national and EU funding