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Scholarships for non-EU students 2022/2024

Students from non-EU countries (not living in Italy) who wish to enroll in the MSc programme in Physics at DFA may apply for a two-years scholarship (2,000 EUR/year) at the University of Catania.

A total number of 210 scholarships are available among all 9 international programmes at UniCT, 5 of them being availale for the MSc programme in Physics at DFA.

At the end of the selection procedure, any unassigned scholarship may be made applicable again, and/or made immediately available, for suitable candidates in the procedure reserved for Italian, or EU and non-EU citizens (already living in Italy).

For more information and application procedures, please refer to the main page on the University's website.

Deadline for applications: March 18, 2022

Data di pubblicazione: 11/02/2022