Weak, strong and critical coupling in intersubband polaritonics

Thermal calculation results for the grating immersed in air and in water

Su invito del Prof. Giuseppe Falci, giorno 11 dicembre 2018, alle ore 10:30 in Aula C, Simone Zanotto (Istituto di Nanoscienze - CNR Pisa) terrà un seminario dal titolo Weak, strong and critical coupling in intersubband polaritonics.

Tutti gli interessati sono invitati a partecipare.


Weak and strong coupling concepts arise in light-matter interaction theory when dealing with emitters embedded in open optical cavities. In particular, strong coupling is closely connected to polaritons, light-matter hybrid quasiparticles whose handling became feasible thanks to semiconductor nanotechnology techniques. In parallel, the physics of open resonant cavities shows another phenomenon of significant relevance: critical coupling. In the present talk I will review these phenomena and illustrate a model that unifies them in a semiclassical way. Moreover, I will show experimental results in support of the model, relying on the intersubband polaritonics platform of GaAs/Al(Ga)As - metal - graphene nanostructures.

Martedì, 11 Dicembre, 2018