Superradiant instability: to exist or not to exist

Lunedì 29 novembre 2021, con inizio alle ore 15:30, per il ciclo di seminari Appunti di fisica organizzato dal Dipartimento di Fisica dell'Università di Messina, il Prof. F. M. D. Pellegrino (DFA, UniCT) terrà un seminario dal titolo Superradiant instability: to exist or not to exist.

Abstract: Recently there has been a great deal of interest in coupling strongly correlated electron systems to quantum light. This coupling may pave the way for the realization of exotic phases of matter such as Amperean superconductivity or for the enhancement of phases that in the absence of quantum light would occur at experimentally unreachable temperatures. Here, we focus our attention on equilibrium superradiant quantum phases, dubbed “photon condensate states”. We lay down a general no-go theorem, which forbids first-order as well as second-order superradiant phase transitions in the absence of a magnetic field, and we show the inequalities for its occurrence in a spatially-varying quantum cavity field (namely in the presence of a non-vanishing magnetic field).

Lunedì, 29 Novembre, 2021 to Sabato, 11 Dicembre, 2021