Emerging Technologies: the second Quantum Revolution

Nell'ambito dei CIMAT Days 2021, giorno 29 settembre 2021, con inizio alle ore 10:50, presso l'Aula B del DFA, il Professor Giuseppe Falci terrà una plenary lecture dal titolo Emerging Technologies: the second Quantum Revolution.

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In the last century, Quantum Mechanics has determined a scientific revolution with a very large impact on everyday life, from laser technology to computers and the Internet. We live in the era of nanotechnologies and the question is how to go beyond. An emerging opinion is that important paradigms of the future roadmap of innovation will come from Quantum Technologies.

The revolutionary idea of Quantum Technologies is that the most peculiar and elusive aspects of the quantum Nature, as entanglement or the quantum-state collapse, may provide radically new functional paradigms for “quantum machines” able to perform tasks that are impossible or even unthinkable in the realm of present-day technologies, much the same way as the Internet was not conceivable few decades ago.

In this presentation, I will describe some of the essential aspects of Quantum Technologies and briefly report about the actual efforts worldwide in this emerging field.

Mercoledì, 29 Settembre, 2021 to Venerdì, 1 Ottobre, 2021