Professor of Experimental physics [FIS/01]
N.B. This person no longer works for this Department

Mobile: 335 8394745

Marcello Lattuada

Since 2002  Full Professor of Experimental Physics  at the three-year course in Physics (L-30)

Teaching: Physics Laboratory 2 (Electromagnetism and Optics) M-Z

Academic education and career: Physics degree at the University of Catania (1973);  Fellowship of Centro Siciliano di Fisica Nucleare e Struttura della Materia  (1975-1977) ;  Assistant Professor (1977-1980);  Adjunct Professor (1978-1980); University Researcher (1980-1988);  Associate Professor (1988-2002); Full Professor (2002-present).

Academic work experience and teaching: Courses of General Physics, Experimental Physics, Physics Laboratory for students of Physics, Applied Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Supervisor of several first and second level degree and PhD theses. Member of the PhD School in Physics. Member of the PhD School in Radiological Sciences and Oncological Radiotherapy.

Main memberships and responsibility positions: 
Member of the Scientific Committee 02 (Physical Sciences) of the University of Catania (1983-1987 and 1989-1991).  Member of Laboratori Nazionali del Sud (LNS) Council (1989-1995). Pro-rector of the University of Catania (1992-1994). Scientific Secretary of the LNS Scientific Committee (1996-2007). Responsible of the LNS Research Division (2000-2007).  Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences (2003-2007). Member of the Administration Board of the "Catania Ricerche" Consortium. Director of LNS (2007-2011). Responsible of research projects approved and funded by INFN or Ministry for Research and University, since 1983.

Author or co-author of more than 170 papers in international peer reviewed journals and several contributions and talks to national and international conferences produced in the framework of small/medium size collaborations. See the DFA catalogue of publications IRIS.

Research activities (1975-2018): 
Nuclear processes with three bodies in the final state and particle spectroscopy of unstable light nuclei.  Quasi-free mechanism in nuclear reactions at low energy and measurement of impulse distribution in light nuclei.  Cluster structure of light nuclei and deformations associated to high excitation energy and high spin states. Measurement of nuclear reaction cross sections relevant for astrophysics: development and application of indirect methods. Effects of the electron screening in ultra-low energy nuclear processes. Clustering in neutron rich exotic nuclei, studied through inverse kinematics resonant scattering experiments on thick targets. Effects of the nuclear structure on the reaction mechanism in processes induced by weakly bound nuclei. Biological effects induced by cosmic radiation in conditions of microgravity.
Nuclear physics laboratories where the experiments were performed from 1975 to 2018: 
Van de Graaff Laboratory (Catania), INFN - LNS (Catania), Cyclotron Laboratory (Milano), INFN - Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro (Legnaro) Laboratoire Tandem  (Orsay), Demokritos Institute (Athens), Dynamitron Laboratory (Bochum), NSF (Daresbury), GANIL (Caen), U240 Cyclotron Laboratory (Kiev), CRC (Louvain La Neuve), JYFL (Jyvaskyla), IRB (Zagreb), CIAE Tandem Laboratory (Beijing), TRIUMF (Vancouver), HIL  (Warshaw), INP (Astana), CRIB (Riken), Florida State University (Tallahassee).