DFA.UniCT thesis on OverLeaf

LaTeX templates are now available on OverLeaf for BSc (Corso di laurea triennale in Fisica), MSc (Corso di laurea magistrale in Physics), and PhD thesis (Physics, Material science and nanotechnology, SComplex systems for physical, socio-economic and life  sciences) at #DFA. The package also includes templates for the LaTeX/beamer presentation, as well as for the flyer required for the Corso di laurea magistrale in Physics. All templates feature the new logo of the #DFA and make use of its institutional colors. The default final output is in PDFA, as required by Portale Studenti dell'Ateneo. It is possible to select the Italian or the English language.

OverLeaf allows to write texts in LaTeX directly through a browser, without need of installing LaTeX on one's computer (optional). OverLeaf projects can be shared among several co-authors, thereby allowing groups of students to collaborate e.g. on a laboratory report, or a thesis advisor to revise a candidate's project before it is submitted.

#DFA thus joins several well-known universities (including Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, Harvard, Roma La Sapienza ... ), sharing their thesis templates for their own students.

Publication date: 03/17/2019