Mobility instructions and forms

Here, you will find information for incoming students and teaching staff, as well as for outgoing students.

Incoming students and teaching staff

Erasmus and Erasmus+ programme; Cooperation projects: international students

Before arrival in Catania, both incoming international students and visiting professors are kindly advised to check for application and arrival procedures, as well as for mobility instructions, at the website: There, most relevant forms can be retrieved.

Erasmus+ trainees

Please, refer to the following website for all relevant information, or please contact Dott.ssa Sara De Francisci or Dott.ssa Nicoleta Pascu (, International Mobility Office: Via Sangiuliano 197, 2nd floor).

Erasmus professors and international visiting professors

Please, visit the following websites for more information:

Outgoing students and teaching staff

Erasmus and Erasmus+ programme

Students enrolled at UniCT who would like to participate to an Erasmus programme are kindly advised to visit the website . All relevant forms and documentation should be available through the Portale LLP Manager. Any required form should be filled out and made available to Dott.ssa Sara De Francisci.

  • Before the mobility: Any prospective Erasmus student should be aware that the guest institution (University or Department thereof) usually follows its own enrolling procedures and adheres to its own deadlines and regulations. It should therefore recommendable to visit the guest institution's website for international mobility and get acquainted with such procedures. In particular, it will be care of the prospective Erasmus student to retrieve, fill, and send (either by e-mail or by post, as requested) all necessary forms and documentation. (Usually, these include an application form, an accommodation form, and a Learning Agreement). Please, already at this early stage of the application, do contact Dott.ssa Sara De Francisci who will guide your steps through the parallel procedures at UniCT. In particular, she will forward any documentation from the foreign partners to the local Erasmus Coordinator for approval. The Learning Agreement, along with the syllabuses of the courses, should be delivered to Dott.ssa Sara De Francisci within the prescribed deadlines. The Department's Erasmus Coordinator, Professor E. Paladino, may be contacted at any stage for any doubt or advice. Relevant forms: [ Application forms for outgoing students | Learning agreement for outgoing students, programme countriesLearning agreement for outgoing students, partner countries ]
  • During the mobility: Any required change to the Learning Agreement should be sent, not more than once per semester, to Dott.ssa Sara De Francisci, who will forward it for approval to the Department's Erasmus Coordinator and any other required part. Relevant forms: [ Change to Learning Agreement, programme countries | Change to Learning Agreement, partner countries ]
  • Immediately before ending the mobility: While still abroad, do not forget to obtain, or get information on how to obtain at a later stage, the Transcript of Records from the guest institution! That will be essential to get one's exams acknowledged by UniCT once back in Catania.
  • After the mobility: Please have the Transcript of Records, as obtained from the guest institution, delivered to Dott.ssa Sara De Francisci as soon as available. This is indispensable to obtain the scholarship and to have one's exams acknowledged by UniCT. Relevant forms: [ Transcript of records, programme countries | Transcript of records, partner countries ]

Erasmus traineeship

All relevant information, documentation and forms are available at the following website: . Please, contact Dott.ssa Lucia Ferlito (the administrative responsible person for international traineeships.)

Other scholarships

Several other institutions are in partnership with UniCT. Opportunities for possible traineeships are available within the following projects:

  • Progetto UNIPHARMA
  • Progetto NORTH SOUTH

Please, visit for more information.

Freelance traineeships

These may be activated during the whole duration of the academic year. Please visit for the standard form to activate a specific partnership. It should be kept in mind that, for freelance traineeships, there are in general no specific scholarships available.