Erasmus Traineeship

The following list includes all the EU institutions engaging active Erasmus Traineeships with the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy “E. Majorana” (D.F.A.). You may want to contact them on your own and ask if they are interested in new traineeship collaborations.


Atenei in convenzione Scadenza Docente titolare dell'accordo
Centre de recherche et restauration des musee de France (Paris, France) 2020 G. Politi
Fachhoschschule Aachen (Aachen, Germany) 2021 V. Bellini
Polska Akademia Nauk Warszaw (Warszaw, Poland) 2021 E. Paladino (E. Bentivegna)
Universite Francois Rabelais Tours (Tours, France) 2021 S. Mirabella
REGENSBURG UNIVERSITÄT (Regensburg, Germany) 2021 E. Paladino
University of Malta (Msida, Malta) 2021 E. Paladino