Time-energy correlations as a hallmark of different self-organized processes

Lucilla de Arcangelis (Department of Industrial & Information Engineering, University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, 81031 Aversa (CE), Italy)

Lunedi 19 Febbraio 2018 ore 11.30 Aula I

Several biological and natural systems appear to operate close to a critical point, as evidenced by the absence of a characteristic size in the phenomenon. Indeed, the existence of power law distributions has been detected in several contexts, as different as earthquakes, solar flares or spontaneous brain activity, and, surprisingly, with similar scaling behaviour. These statistical features can be reproduced by models inspired in self-organized criticality with the addition of  mechanisms characteristic of a given process. Indeed, the specific features of each phenomenon are imbedded in the temporal organization of events in time. A detailed analysis of time-energy correlations detrending statistical noise is able to enlighten the difference between the physical mechanisms controlling different phenomena, as earthquakes and solar flares.

Lunedì, 19 Febbraio, 2018