Synthetic fractional flux quanta in a ring of superconducting qubits

Giorno 16 luglio 2024, con inizio alle ore 15:00, presso l'Aula M del DFA, su invito del Prof. Luigi Amico, il Dr. Luca Chirolli () terrà un seminario dal titolo Synthetic fractional flux quanta in a ring of superconducting qubits.

Tutte le persone interessate sono invitate a partecipare.

Abstract: A ring of capacitively-coupled transmons is studied as a realization of a strongly interacting bosonic system beyond the standard implementations employing Josephson junction arrays. A synthetic magnetic field piercing the system is achieved through a specific Floquet driving scheme using suitable Lorentzian pulses. We employ such system to demonstrate the concept of fractional values of flux quanta, that was originally predicted to occur for bright solitons of cold atoms and that can hardly be accessed with that platform.  In contrast, by exploiting the current know-how in the field, we engineer an experimentally feasible device design to read-out the fractionalization of flux quanta in the reflection spectrum of the ring of transmons by injecting and collecting photons through a transmission line.

Martedì, 16 Luglio, 2024