Quantum Technologies with Ultrastrong Couplings

A workshop on Quantum Technologies with Ultrastrong Couplings will take place on October 4, 2019, at the Foresteria LNS-INFN. The Workshop is organized by Elisabetta Paladino and Jukka Pekola (Aalto, Finland) within FisMat2019.

Aims and scopes: The light-matter interaction realm has recently been extended to the ultrastrong coupling (USC) regime, where new physics and new exotic phenomena are predicted to emerge, from large ground-state photon populations to quantum phase transitions, ultimately related to strong light-matter entanglement. This workshop is devoted to the discussion of new approaches, from new devices architectures to advanced quantum control, to harness the potentialities of USC for quantum  technologies.

During the mini-workshop, the project SiUCs - Superinductor-based Quantum Technologies with Ultrastrong Couplings will be presented. Partners of the project are Barcelona, Karlsruhe, Regensburg, Bratislava, Grenoble, and Catania. The SiUCs project has been recently funded within Quantera2 .

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Venerdì, 4 Ottobre, 2019