NanoSoLI 2022

The Nanostructured Solid Liquid Interface School 2022 (NanoSoLI 2022) will take place in Catania, at the Department of Physics and Astronomy "Ettore Majorana" of the University of Catania, from 11 to 15 July, 2022.

The NanoSoLI School 2022 focuses on nanostructured solid-liquid interface, joining together expertise coming from different areas, such as physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics and biology.

The school is aimed at giving a boost to young researchers in synthesis, analysis and application of nanostructures in liquid environment.

The school is co-organized by Professors L. Falciola (UniMI) and S. Mirabella (DFA, UniCT).

Lunedì, 11 Luglio, 2022 to Venerdì, 15 Luglio, 2022