The HERD experiment on the Chinese Space Station

On February 25, 2021, starting at 17:30, Nicola Mori (University of Firenze) will deliver an online talk entitled The HERD experiment on the Chinese Space Station.

The seminar belongs to the cycle Highlights in Frontier Physics.

Abstract. The HERD detector is aimed at measuringthe spectrum of cosmic rays at the highest enerigesi ever achieved by direct detection experiments. To this end, it leverages several innovative detector design concepts. Its main subsystem is a deep, homogeneous calorimeter made of cubic scintillating elements made of LYSO, arranged in a 3D mesh; this feature allows for detecting particles incoming not only from the zenith but also from lateral directions, boosting the instrument acceptance at fixed mass and power budget. Other subdetectors for tracking, charge ID and particle veto for gamma rays surrounds the calorimeter and complete the detector. In this talk, a brief review of the HERD science and a detailed description of the instrument will be given.

Giovedì, 25 Febbraio, 2021 to Sabato, 6 Marzo, 2021