BMS symmetries in gravity and field theory

Su invito del Prof. Maurizio Consoli (INFN, Sez. Catania), giorno 25 giugno 2019, con inizio alle ore 11:00, presso l'Aula F del #DFA, il Prof. Andrea Campoleoni (University of Mons, Belgium) terrà un seminario dal titolo BMS symmetries in gravity and field theory. Tutti gli interessati sono invitati a partecipare.

Abstract. The infrared dynamics of gauge theories and gravity is constrained by soft theorems and asymptotic symmetries. Soft theorems describe universal properties of scattering amplitudes when a particle become "soft", i.e. its energy its taken to zero, while asymptotic symmetries describe the global symmetries and conserved charged of any system in a space-time with a boundary. Although these two concepts are formulated in very different languages, they have been recently shown to be equivalent. I will review the relation between Weinberg's soft theorem for spin-2 particles and the Bondi-Metzner-Sachs (BMS) asymptotic symmetries of gravity, and then I will show how it can be extended to any gauge theory.

Martedì, 25 Giugno, 2019