4th National Workshop on the SKA Project

The 4th National Workshop on the SKA Project entitled Sharpening the Italian science case for the SKAO will take place in Catania, at the DFA UniCT (Aula Magna), from November 27 to December 1, 2023.

The establishment of the SKA Observatory (SKAO) in February 2021 has formally started the process leading to the construction of one of the mega-science facilities of the 21st Century, with full operations expected around 2030. With nearly 200 dishes in South Africa and more than 130,000 antennas in Western Australia operating across the radio spectrum, the SKAO’s telescopes will transform our understanding of the Universe. 

The SKAO will enable a wealth of unique discoveries in areas as diverse as the formation of Earth-like planets, the origin of gravitational waves, the origin of cosmic magnetic fields, the formation and growth of stars, galaxies and black holes, as well as large scale structures, back to the epoch of reionization and cosmic dawn. The SKAO’s telescopes will revolutionize our knowledge in all fields of modern astrophysics and cosmology and will have substantial scientific applications also in the field of general and astroparticle physics. 

The event is organized by the Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF). The Local Organizing Committee is composed by A. Ingallinera (chair), G. Bellassai, F. Bufano, S. Camera, F. Cavallaro, E. Ferroni, E. Martinetti, I. Prandoni, P. Serra, G. Umana.

More information on https://indico.ict.inaf.it/e/ska4

Lunedì, 27 Novembre, 2023 to Venerdì, 1 Dicembre, 2023