Giuseppe FALCI

Full Professor of Physics of matter [FIS/03]

Full Professor at the Department of Physics and Astronomy Fisica “Ettore Majorana” (DFA) of the University of Catania (UNICT) dal 2016. He is a condensed matter theorist with international reputation in the field of mesoscopic physics, quantum information, dynamics and control of open quantum systems and critical phenomena. At DFA he is group leader of the theoretical Condensed Matter & Quantum Technologies group, of which he has been co-funder, at present formed by five permanent Researchers.

  • He is Author of more than 140 scientific articles (ISI), some of them with very large (two "Nature", one Rev. Mod. Phys.) and large (Phys. Rev. Lett.) IF, with h-index 28 and nore than 4000 citations. He presented more than 100 talks ans seminars, more than 60 as invited talks at International Conferences/Schools.
  • He has been Visiting Professor at University of Marseille, Senior Visiting Researcher at CNRS Grenoble, and Visiting Resercher in other research institutions in The Netherlands, Germany and Japan.
  • He has been and is is coordinator of several local, national (PRIN,FIRB) and international (supported by EU, or by bilateral cooperation agreements) research projects.
  • He is associated at CNR-IMM Catania Università, at INFN Sezione di Catania. He is part of the MIUR consulting group for the PNR 2021-27. He is member of the "Centro di Matematica per la Tecnologia Angelo Marcello Anile" (CIMAT), of the COST Action MP1403 and of Photonics21. He has been elected as a member of the executive council of the DFA. He is a member of the Scientific Commettee of the Centro Siciliano di Fisica Nucleare e Struttura della Materia (CSFNSM). He is a member of the Teaching Board of the PhD in Physics at UNICT.
  • He teaches at UNICT “Quantum Informtion” (MS Physics), di “Elements of Statistical Physics and Information Theory” (BS Physics) and “Technologies of Quantum Information” (MS Electronic Engineering). He held and holds courses for PhD programs, for the Scuola Superiore di Catania and for International Schools. He has been tutor or co-tutor of 15 PhD thesis in Phiscs and Phisical Engineering, and about 50 MS and BS thesis.
  • He has been a member of the Management Commettee of the COST Action P5, of the R&D Center MATIS-INFM (Catania), “capo commessa” CNR for the research "Confined Systems, Critical Phenomena and Coherent Dynamics" and local coordinator for the CNR-IMM technologic area “Theoretical Modelling”. He has been Deputy Director of the “Dipartimento di Metodologie Fisiche e Chimiche per l'Ingegneria” (2005-11) at UNICT and of the CSFNSM, and elected member of the Scientific Commettee for Physics at UNICT. niversity of Catania, e membro elettivo della Commissione d'Area 02 di Ateneo. He has been a member of the Teaching Board of the PhD in Physics Engineering at UNICT.

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